Board of Education

Ms. Nada Ardeleanu

Board President

Term: 2 years, expires 2021 - Training: OMA (7/27/15), PDLT (11/21/15), PERA (11/21/15) - Committees: NTDSE Alternate, Policy, PTA

Dr. Guy Hollingsworth

Term: 4 years, expires 2023 - Training: OMA (6/13/2015), The Basics of Governance (6/13/2015), PDLT (6/13/2015), PERA (6/13/2015) - Committees: NTDSE, IASB, ED-RED, Finance and Facilities, Technology, Insurance

Ms. Samina Hussain

Board Secretary

Term: 4 years, expires 2023 - Training: OMA (2/29/2012) - Committees: Policy, PTA, Golf and Hynes School Improvement

Dr. Ashwini Kumar

Board Member

Term: 4 years, expires 2021 Training: OMA (11/17/2012) - Committees: Classrooms First, Negotiations Alternate

Mr. Jermaine Lindsay

Term: 4 years, expires 2021 - Training: OMA (11/19/2016), PDLT (11/18/2016), PERA (11/18/2016) - Committees: Technology, Finance and Facilities Alternate, Community Engagement

Mr. Joel Mehr

Board Member

Term: 2 years, expires: 2023 - Training: OMA (8-24-2017), PDLT (11-17-2017), PERA (11-17-2017) - Committees: Finance and Facilities, Negotiations, Classrooms First Alternate

Ms. Margaret Rumpsa

Board Member

Term: 2 years, expires: 2021 Training: OMA (6/1/2020), PDLT (6/15/2020), PERA (6/15/2020) - Committees: Negotiations, Community Engagement Alternate

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Welcome to the Golf District 67 School Board

The seven member School Board is elected by the people of the district. Members serve, without compensation, for two or four-year terms. Board elections are held every two years with three members elected in one cycle and four members elected in the alternate cycle.  In order to qualify for school board membership, an individual must be as of the date of the election:  a U.S. citizen; a resident of Illinois and the school district for at least one year preceding election; at least 18 years of age; and a registered voter.

The Golf School District 67 School Board is firmly committed to offering the tools necessary for each and every individual to receive an outstanding education.

We Welcome Your Participation


The Golf School District 67 Board of Education welcomes public participation to its monthly meetings. As your elected representatives to this policy-making Board, the Board of Education appreciates the community's interest and attendance. Attending Board meetings is an important way to learn about the accomplishments, concerns and needs of your public schools. This web page explains how the Board functions and how you can be a part of proceedings.


Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at Golf Middle School, 9401 Waukegan Road, Morton Grove, Illinois. However, for special purposes, the Board occasionally meets on other days. Please check the school calendar or District website for the time and place of each meeting. The Board conducts all of its business in public except for closed sessions as permitted under State statutes. Voting on all issues, including those discussed in closed session, is done in public.

Addressing the Board of Education

A Board meeting is a meeting in public and not a public meeting; therefore, participation by persons in the audience is designated at specific places on the agenda.


When addressing the Board, individuals should give their name and address. The usual time limitation to speak is five minutes for each individual.

The Board of Education encourages public participation during its regular meetings at the “Public Comment” section on the agenda. At this time, the President of the Board will recognize members of the audience who wish to make statements to the Board related to agenda items.


If you have specific questions regarding Board policy or actions, please feel free to contact the Superintendent at the District Office at (847) 966-8200. You may also communicate in writing by addressing your letter to the Board of Education, Golf School District 67, 9401 Waukegan Road, Morton Grove, IL  60053. 

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