Frequently Asked Questions

I just moved to the district, how do I register my child?

You must be physically living in your new home in order to register your child. Please contact the Registrar at 847-966-8200 x343 to make an appointment to start the process of registration process.


How can I access Online Registration?

If you are a current parent/guardian, you can access the online registration through the portal during open registration times.  If you need help with your login or setting up your account, please email


I don’t have internet access, how can I register?

The public libraries have internet-enabled computers and online registration can also be done on mobile devices.  If these do not work for you, please call the Registrar at 847-966-8200 x343 to make an appointment.


After I click Online Registration in the portal, why am I getting a blank page?

You must be logged in as a Parent/Guardian of a student to be able to register a student.  Do not log in under the student’s username/password.


I have multiple students in the district.  Can I register them at the same time?

Yes!  Our system is set up so that families are connected and you do not have to enter certain information, such as your address, multiple times.  


What is a student primary household?

This is the information for the household at which the student resides 51% or more of the time.  If your student has a secondary household, we will collect that information as well.


What is considered a Parent/Guardian?

Parent/Guardians listed for each student must be that student’s legal guardian.  Other family members that are not listed as a guardian on a legal document, should only be included on the application as emergency contacts and/or Other Household members.


What is an Emergency Contact and why should I provide one?

In an emergency, if the parent/guardian(s) cannot be contacted, we will call one of the emergency contacts in the order listed. Contacts should be able to pick up student within 30 minutes. Please do not list a parent/guardian again in the Emergency Contact section; you will have the chance to specify the contact preference for the parent/guardian(s) in the student section.

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