Many suburban school districts, including District 67, have been burdened with non-resident students enrolled in their schools. The Board of Education takes a firm stand on identifying and removing out-of-district children who are illegally enrolled in our schools. If you believe that someone who is attending one of our schools is not a resident of our district, we ask that you alert us to this situation as soon as possible. All information given is confidential and your anonymity is ensured.


If we obtain information that indicates you do not live in the District 67 attendance area, we will check your residency by one or all of the following methods:


  1. Sending an authorized individual to visit the address on file.

  2. Sending an authorized individual to visit the suspected address.

  3. Conduct surveillance of you and/or the student leaving or returning home.

  4. Conduct an in-home visit.


If our evidence indicates illegal enrollment, the Board will exercise its right to collect owed tuition, current and retroactive. The tuition rate (grades K-8) is $13,485.00. 

Only students who are residents of the District may attend a District school without a tuition charge, except as otherwise provided below or in State law.  Owning property in District 67 in which you do not reside does NOT make you a legal resident here and therefore does NOT qualify your child to attend school here. The Illinois School Code mandates that you and your child reside on a permanent basis in the attendance area in order for your child to attend school here.

Residency is defined as the place where parents/legal guardians eat, sleep, and store their belongings; furthermore, it is that place in which their child resides with them for four or more days per week. A student’s residence is the same as the person who has legal custody of the student.  A person asserting legal custody over a student, who is not the child’s natural or adoptive parent, shall complete a signed statement, stating: (a) that he or she has assumed and exercises legal responsibility for the child, (b) the reason the child lives with him or her, other than to receive an education in the District, and (c) that he or she exercises full control over the child regarding daily educational and medical decisions in case of emergency. If the District knows the current address of the child's natural or adoptive parent, the District shall request in writing that the person complete a signed statement or Power of Attorney stating: (a) the role and responsibility of the person with whom their child is living, and (b) that the person with whom the child is living has full control over the child regarding daily educational and medical decisions in case of emergency. Refer to Board Policy 7.60.


Parents who falsify their residency information for the purpose of obtaining tuition-free attendance for their children at District 67 commit a criminal offense and may be subject to legal action. In addition, the District may sue for recovery of tuition.


We are proud of the educational opportunities that are offered to our students. Our purpose in verifying a student’s residence is to keep us in compliance with state law and to fulfill an obligation that we have to the taxpayers in our school district to educate only those students who legitimately are entitled to attend our schools.


If you are the parent/guardian of a child illegally enrolled in this district, you are advised to withdraw your child immediately. If you have any questions about your residency, please call the Superintendent’s Office at 847-966-8200 x220 for clarification.


Dr. Susan Coleman


Golf School District 67



Why does the School District check residency?

Golf School District 67 is a highly desired school district.  Falsifying residency costs our taxpayers and is not legal.


If my child’s grandparents live in the district and provide childcare before and after school, can I use their address for residency?

No, this is not legal.  The child must live, that is, eat, sleep and store their belongings at the residence the majority of the week, to be a legal resident.


I own an apartment in Golf School District 67, but no one lives there.  Can my child attend school in District 67?

No, this is not legal.  The child must live, that is, eat, sleep and store their belongings at the residence the majority of the week, to be a legal resident.


If my family moves and is no longer in district, can my child continue to attend school in Golf School District 67?

Your child can continue to attend for the rest of the school year if they were a resident on the first day of school.  The next school year they would need to register in the new home district.


If my child lacks a fixed, regular, or adequate nighttime residence, like a hotel or doubled up with another family, how can I prove residency? 

Contact Mrs. Jenni Orsello at 847-966-8200 x242 or to discuss your residency concerns.