Golf School District 67 provides a fee-based transportation option for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  The transportation fees are established and subsidized by the Board of Education to make the cost manageable for District parents.


Maintaining a level of safety is a high priority and is the responsibility of all students, parents, school staff, bus contractors and drivers. The District contracts solely with North Shore Transit for transportation service.

Transportation Guidelines


Refunds requested before the first day of school will be assessed a $26.00 administration fee. Any requests received after this date will not be accepted.



You may contact the Business Office with questions regarding pick-up, arrival or departure issues.


Tina Ewanio: 847-966-8200 x 240


Laura Smoter:  847-966-8200 x 343



You may contact North Shore Transit with questions regarding items left on the bus, or if the Business Office is not available to address immediate transportation issues.


North Shore Transit (Call or Text): 847-677-9700

Bus Schedules

Buses will run as close as possible to the provided schedules.  However, a route may occasionally run late due to weather, traffic or maintenance difficulties.  Delays may be experienced at the beginning of the school year until the routes become familiar to the bus staff, and delays may be experienced in the winter weather months due to snow, ice and general traffic conditions.


  • In the event of a significant delay, the District Office will notify families of any changes via phone and email blasts.The bus will continue to make every stop, regardless of time.

  • Parents should discuss with their children a plan of action if the morning bus is missed.

  • In order to provide consistent and timely services, students must arrive at their designated stop at least

  • Drivers will not wait for students who are not standing at their designated stops.  The drivers are instructed to pick up and discharge children at their designated stops only. This is mandated by state law.


Bus Routes

In an effort to create and sustain an efficient transportation program, bus routes are created at the beginning of the school year and do not change.


For safety reasons, students may not ride a bus to which they are not assigned.  Students will only be picked-up and dropped-off at their assigned stop. Transportation to and from the homes of friends is a parent responsibility. The school will not take educational time to make busing arrangements.


Activity Routes

The Golf School District 67 Board of Education provides the additional transportation services listed below for extra-curricular activities at no additional cost to our district families.

  • Golf Middle School Early Morning Band/Chorus

    • East Route​

    • West Route

  • Golf Middle School Late Activity Route

  • Hynes Late Activity Route


Route information for the activity buses will made available once students register for the activity.


Bus Passes

Bus passes are required for all District 67 students to use on the regular morning and afternoon bus routes.

  • No Pass/No Ride policy will be enforced after September 1st.

  • Bus passes must be carried at all times and be shown upon request.

  • Replacements for lost bus passes may be picked up at the district office for $5.00.

Parents/Guardians Can Help:

  • Hynes Kindergarten students must have a parent/guardian waiting for them at the designated bus stop.

  • Review bus safety rules with your child.

  • Teach your children their address, phone number, bus route number/letter.

  • Have a contingency plan with family or neighbors and your children concerning what to do if the bus is late in the morning or if you are not at home in the afternoon.

​​Behavioral Expectations

Student safety is a priority for our transportation services. Please click here to review our safety procedures with your children to ensure that they clearly understand our behavioral expectations while riding the school bus.

All children who ride the bus daily, on a field trip, or activity bus must abide by the following rules:


  • Children are to remain in seats.

  • There is to be no wrestling, pushing, or shoving on the bus, at the bus stop, or on the schoolyard where the children board buses.

  • No food or drink of any kind is to be consumed on the bus.

  • Nothing is to be thrown out of the bus windows.

  • Nothing is to be thrown in the bus or at the bus stops, including snow.

  • Windows are not to be opened by the children. The bus driver will see to it that the bus is adequately ventilated.

  • No child is to put his/her hands, arms, or head out the windows.

  • Talking to the person next to you is permitted but shouting on the bus is forbidden.  No one is to shout out the windows.

  • Rude, discourteous and annoying conduct, and other behavior negatively affecting the safety, well-being and the rights of others will not be tolerated.

  • The driver is in full charge of the bus, and must be obeyed.


These rules are a necessity for the safety of all children who ride the bus. In general, the following consequences will be assigned for students who violate the rules; however, since each incident will be reviewed separately, it is within the principal’s discretion to assign consequences other than those listed below.


More serious misbehavior may result in further disciplinary action. The first time a child violates any of these rules, he/she will be issued a school bus incident report that must be signed by a parent and returned to the principal.


At the discretion of the building principal, the student may be given an assigned seat for one week. The second time that a child violates any of these rules, the parent will be notified by the principal or designee that the student will not be permitted to ride the bus for one day. A detention may be assigned at the discretion of the principal. If there is a third violation, the parent will be notified by the principal or designee that the offending student will not be permitted to ride the bus for one week. A fourth violation may result in the loss of bus riding privileges.

For the safety and security of students and maintenance of appropriate discipline, security cameras may be utilized on the school buses. In unforeseen or extenuating circumstances, the principal reserves the right to, at her discretion, remove a child from the bus for extended periods beyond those identified above.

Bus Evacuation Drill

Bus drills are conducted at least one time a year. All students, whether they ride the bus regularly or only on field trips, participate in the drills. Students practice exiting from the front exit, the rear exit, and both exits simultaneously.


Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Abuse

Non-medical use of drugs is hazardous to the health of students.  The illicit use, possession or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or look-alike drugs and drug paraphernalia is not permitted on school buses, in school buildings, or on school grounds at any time.  This policy also extends to all school-sponsored and related activities including, but not limited to, field trips, athletic and music trips, whether held before or after school, evenings, or weekends.


Student Conduct, Discipline, and Due Process

While on school premises, riding in school buses or at school-sponsored activities, students are expected and required to behave in an orderly and appropriate manner with due regard and respect for the rights of others, the rules and regulations of the school district, the directives of school personnel, and all existing laws.


Students are subject to appropriate disciplinary measures for unlawful or inappropriate conduct, and upon demonstration of gross disobedience or misconduct, may be suspended and/or expelled from school in accordance with the provisions of the School Code, school district policies, local school rules and regulations and other applicable laws.



Each year District 67 students review and are taught basic safety practices. The major areas of concentration include home, school, street, bicycle, internet, and school bus safety. The Morton Grove Fire and Police Departments and the Illinois Department of Education all cooperate with the schools in teaching safety to the children.


Vandalism on the Bus

If a student causes damage to the bus and is identified by the bus driver, a bill will be sent to the parents/guardians of the child to cover the cost of the repairs.

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