Bullying Prevention

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The Illinois General Assembly has found that a safe and civil school environment is necessary for students to learn and achieve and that bullying causes physical, psychological, and emotional harm to students and interferes with their ability to learn and participate in school activities. It is District 67’s goal to prevent students from engaging in bullying, intimidation, and harassment and provide all students with equal access to a safe, non-hostile learning environment. The district asks, with the support of their parent(s), guardian(s) and the adults at the school, to commit to the following principles, which will apply to everyone on school property and at school-related activities:


  1. To demonstrate respectful behavior to all students and staff
  2. To demonstrate how to report bullying
  3. To apply assertiveness skills to refuse bullying
  4. To learn, understand, recognize, and not engage in bullying behavior
  5. To be a upstander and try to help anyone suspected of being bullied


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Click here to view the Bullying Presentation from the October 2022 Board Meeting given by Ms. Chvojka and Mr. Barkan.


Talk About it

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Bullying discussion questions for parents and their children.
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Parent Resources

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Safe2Help Illinois: 24/7 Helpline